the launch of PORTER mag.

It seems as if everyone is fighting against the digital world these days,
bricks and mortar vs. e-commerce
print magazine vs. blogs
radio vs. streaming music

It takes an act of bravery and MUCH MUCH strategy to take an existing online business and begin to market via a print magazine. Net-A-Porter is one of the first, if not, the first to have accomplished this goal with much reasoning and determination. The release of their magazine PORTER, is the physical outlet in which their 6 million monthly visitors are able to escape into a world of fashion and inspiration. Check out a great video from The Business of Fashion’s founder Imran Amed with the queen Natalie Massenet of Net-A-Porter discussing the need for print for today’s fashion loving woman.


Michael Kors x Apple

Michael Kors x Apple

Fashion and Tech have been meeting up for a while now. You might have seen this collaboration in designer iPhone cases or even just designer phones. Remember the Prada LG phone? This newest collab comes from a MICHAEL Michael Kors “Jet Set Tote for MacBook Pro” made exclusively for Apple. Apple recommends this tote for “your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.” Not sure about buying a tote just for my iPhone/iPad but I digress. My thoughts would be to just buy the regular MK tote for almost $100 off on and make your laptop fit. (it will) 2014 continues to be the year of Michael Kors, and people still haven’t stopped wanting more of his designs. Given that Mr. Kors reached Forbes 2014 Billionaire list, I’m sure he has many new ideas up his sleeve.

what is a RadioShack?

Most likely you have heard of this national retailer, but most likely their name has disintegrated into lost retail space….. 

This past Sunday, RadioShack featured one of the most popular ads of the Superbowl saying bye bye to their old outdated interiors, and hello to their new and improved future selves.  It is always wise to admit to your faults, and RadioShack was able to deliver that message to about 11.5 million viewers.  Why the change for RadioShack? Fierce competition from the clean, easy to shop, bright light, knowledgeable staffed competition (cough Apple.. cough) has forced RadioShack to really just Go Big, or really just Go Home.  

The good outcome from their Superbowl ad was an increase of 7% in their stock the very next day.

The bad? The closure of 500 of RadioShack’s stores this year. 




Kate Spade TAKEOVER.

Kate Spade has gone from many different family titles, all in hopes of one day taking over.  Yesterday, it happened.  Former parent company Fifth and Pacific who was once known as Liz Claiborne Inc. changed their name for the 3rd time to simply Kate Spade & Co. (effective Feb 25.) What does this mean? This means that when Kate Spade also had siblings like Juicy Couture, Liz Claiborne, and Lucky Brand, they been have been the only brand to remain relevant and profitable.  So profitable that their sales before tax & interest, etc. are estimated to come in around $165 million dollars for the 2014 year.

Kate Spade Madison Store

2014 plans for Kate include:

“• Expanding the Kate Spade New York brand through additional domestic and international freestanding stores.
• Adding product categories and offering more entry-level and high-end products to the offerings.
• Growing Kate Spade Saturday domestically and overseas as a direct-to-consumer brand.
• Signing new licensed categories for its growing Jack Spade men’s accessories and sportswear brand.” (wwd.)

To specify, that means 35 new stores in North America, adding a e-commerce site to the UK (where e-commerce makes up for 20% of Kate Spade’s sales), licensing eye wear to Safilo to add a new product category to Jack Spade, oh and taking over the world.  Here is to another strong 2014!

The Swedish are Coming!! Full force this time.

2014, an optimistic year for many. New Year, New You.

New Year, 375 stores for H&M.


With plans to continue their physical presence in #1 territories, Germany, France and the U.S, there is still room for an immediate takeover in states like Alaska, South Dakota, and Rhode Island….. (no source) but to say the least, there are 1,000’s and 1,000’s of teen girls still trying to figure out where to spend their Xmas money. H&M will have their answer. While China will receive about 80 – 90 of their 375 planned openings, France will receive a brand new online store. With hopefully more designer collaborations, H&M is only getting a taste of 2014!


Mickey Drexler speaks at the New School in Manhattan


“Creativity is not a corporation, it’s a matter of letting people think out of the box. Most companies don’t listen to what people are thinking.” Mickey Drexler spoke to the New School’s University Center in Manhattan about friendly pricing, possible expansion to China, and corporate culture. The current CEO of the J. Crew Group, emphasized the importance of pricing in the current market and the large void for quality priced clothing that meets pricing right in the middle. But really, where is it? Zara, Mango, Topshop, almost deliver but the void still exists. Mickey also emphasizes the importance of an open-minded culture in the modern workplace.  Without creativity, without employees being able to share their ideas, all our old school corporations will soon find their way to an end.  He’s been ale to solve this problem by simply taking down the walls of offices and cubicles that limit a shared space of ideas.  Is it really that simple? Why yes it is.